Tuesday, July 20, 2010


John Wiswell bestowed upon me the Fabulous Flash Award, a Jon Strother creation. I am honored and touched to receive the recognition from John (@wiswell).  The whole point of the award is to introduce new readers to the works of deserving writers. 

Before I pass this on to four others, I want to also reciprocate this one to John (though I won't make him repost or repass to four more people).  He is someone I consider a friend, though I've never met him in person and I'm not sure if that will ever happen (though I hope we do meet).  He is talented, passionate, humorous, prolific, generous and one of the best writers I know.  He knows how to use minimal words for maximum impact, and layers his stories with so much.  I often laugh out loud at his writings, and then surprise myself when days later, a nuance of his story hits me.  He never makes me feel stupid but always makes me think. 

So, now that I have received the award, I must bestow it upon other deserving writers.  The hard part is only choosing 4.  The caveat is that this will be passed on again, so more of my favorites will get recognized, and possibly, you will discover their impressive stories too.

Timothy P. Remp writes in many genres, but his passions are science fiction and fantasy. He doesn't post as often as I would like him too (yes, I'm nagging him) but when he does, he'll blow your socks off (excuse the cliche).  On occasion, he can be found lurking by the pseudonym @Tim_Remp_writer (shh! don't tell him I gave you his real name). We met in a writers' group, became friends, even wrote a story together (and it's published!) and I would not be the writer I am today without his encouragement, insights and friendship.  Visit The Event Horizon and bring an extra toothbrush.  You should probably get your EVA suit back from the drycleaners first.

Cathy Olliffe portrays the most realistic characters with humor and compassion. Visiting life on the muskoka river is like dropping in on your favorite neighbor, sitting at her kitchen table and talking for the next hour.  Sometimes she serves coffee or tea; other times she giggles, says it's noon somewhere, and gets a bottle of red and two wine glasses and enthralls you with her stories.  She always makes you feel right at home. If you are a twitter enthusiast, follow @mattiasville

Linda Simoni-Wastila  She writes everything from six sentence stories to poetry to novels.  I met Linda (and John W) through Harbinger*33.  I am indebted to that project (hope H*33 fulfills its dream!) for introducing me to writers that I now feel I can call friends.  I just read at leftbrainwrite that she finished her first draft of PURE.  Often, through #fridayflash (follow @drwasy) she gives us glimpses into her fascinating characters and situations.  When it's published, I will be at the bookstore, waiting for them to unlock the doors so I may purchase one of the first copies.  Her writing often gives me chills (not the horror kind, the insightful kind). 

The fourth person is the hardest.  So many I want to recognize.  Some (phew!) already received this honor from either John or Jon; others I know will receive it through the inevitable chain this will create.  Therefore, I'm giving the fourth spot to someone I hardly know, but I love her words.

Diandra Linneman There is this woman who lives in Germany (I think she does--her blog and twitter page say that) whom I found through #fridayflash and I follow on twitter.  I've only exchanged a few words with her, but I read most of her posts, (follow @LaCaffetnatta). She makes me laugh!  Irreverant, a bit cantankerous, impatient with her co-workers and BF, her posts are hilarious.  She's resourceful, intelligent, wry, adventerous and totally real.  I'm glad she writes, otherwise I fear for the life of her boyfriend!  No, she's not mean, she is compassionate and her stories are sharp and witty, include a touch of dark humor and often involve killing a deserving individual. 


Karen from Mentor said...

Great list Peg. Congratulations to you and everyone on your list. I was so touched that John Wiswell chose me for his list and we got to be in it together with Laura and Gracie. John is such an amazing talent and so freakin funny.

It was lovely to see you venturing out into the realm of "someone you hardly know" for your fourth choice because I think this is what the whole deal is about...widening the circle.

Congrats! & Hugs!
Off now to add your link to my posting.

Karen :0)

Laura Eno said...

Congrats to you and your choices! As I happen to follow all of them I can clearly echo your statements. :)

I especially hope that Cathy notices how many people love her writing style and wit and that it fixes her sprained, strained, mashed writing muscle...

Alan W. Davidson said...

Nice selections, Peggy! I'm really only familiar with Cathy and Linda but I will certainly be off to check out Diandra and Timothy.

Diandra said...

Wow, thank you! I feel honored to be named together with these other fabulous writers. And all the nicet hings you said about me... *blushes*.

I'll make sure to pass the award on - just give me a few moments to consider. (^v^)

Michael Solender said...

another fine group of writers, congrats to you too, peggy

Cathy Olliffe said...

OK, an embarassment of riches, here! Laura, I have indeed noticed and I'm a blubbering mush of, well, blubber. (I fired off more than 8,500 words at the novel marathon -- I'm surprised I can even write comments!)
My dear friend Peggy - thank you. You are welcome anytime for a visit and I do have a bottle of red minding its own business on my kitchen counter so I'll put your name on it and we'll giggle girlishly and gossip about Michael and Mark and Alan and Tim and all the other flash boys. We'll invite Diandra and Linda and Laura and Karen because Diandra, I think, is an amazing cook and Karen can entertain us with stand-up comedy while the two L-ladies tell us amazing stories.
I am going to take your lead, Peg, and stretch the giving back further afield.
Thanks again. It means the world to me.

宮惠如宮惠如 said...

知識可以傳授,智慧卻不行。每個人必須成為他自己。. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

John Wiswell said...

Peggy, I'm overwhelmed by your description of me. I'm happy to have you as a friend as well, and you made some darned good choices to pass the award on.

Also, ain't Karen funny?

Karen from Mentor said...


I just got an email with the subject line "you're funny" .... I like it when people say that...well as long as they don't also point.

Hugs!!! to ya'all.

Bukowski's Basement said...

Great list Peggy ... and congrats on your awards. It's well-deserved.

Linda said...

Holy Guacamole Peggy! THANK YOU!!!!! I just wandered over here checking up on folks this morning, and bam! Better than coffee with Irish whiskey in it! You are very kind, and I am honored you named me as a Fab Flasher.

And hearty congrats to you as well. You weave scary words better than anyone else I know. And the rest of the folks. Off to check out Diandra's blog -- if you approve, then I will.

Thanks so much. You and your kind words made my day. Peace...


Oh Peg of so many hearts and minds . . . you stir words as you stir straight insights. Honoured so many are to read you . . . let alone get to know you in some capacity of banter or strength.

The brushstrokes of the four masterful writers you framed on the #Flashing Fiction honour wall glean their glimmer all the more. ~ Absolutely*Kate