Thursday, April 22, 2010


This week's words from 3WW are... wait, if I tell you you'll look for them and not pay attention to the story.  Let's just say, I was glad I found a story that let me incorporate all three.  Happy Earth Day! Read on-line, save a tree!


Camilla fist-bumped Janky. "Hey all, sorry I'm late." 

"Home pregnancy test. Medicine cabinet."

Camilla flipped Nori the bird. "Watch it, we already got the mini-fridge."

"Cold, so cold." He put down his bass, went to the refrigerator for a beer. "Nice hardware."

Camilla touched her two new lip rings. "Thanks. A little swollen—"

"Anga—LEE—nah!" Janky shouted.


Stone stared.

"What?" Camilla asked. She straddled a chair, helped herself to Stone's flask. Her eyes watered as she concentrated on the swallow.

Stone took the flask from her, brushed her fingers. Camilla tried to hide her gasp. He took a pull, wiped his mouth with the back of his wrist, his gaze intent on her mouth. Camilla wished she could hear his thoughts. He hadn't said anything to her about Tuesday night.

"What's the purpose?" he asked.

"You don't like?" Camilla pouted for Stone then turned to look anywhere but into his unreadable walnut eyes. "Is that really a turntable?"

Janky swiped her teal spikes with black-tipped fingers. "You know Bud. He saw a yard sale, went old school on us."

Camilla sighed. "So what random-assed band is this?" Bud gazed at the ceiling as he fingered the melody on the keyboard.

"No, really. I mean, pierced tongue has a purpose, but lip rings?" Stone shook his head.

"What do you care, gage-man? A dolphin could jump through those earlobes."

Bud stopped playing to stare at Camilla. "You're taking those out. Gig next Saturday and we've gotta have a look."

"Tell her." Janky closed her eyes, beat a complicated rhythm against the table.

"Hey, I know this one," Nori shouted.

"Indoor voice," Janky admonished.

"The song from 'Ghost'." Nori straddled behind Camilla, nuzzled her neck and sang, "I hunger, for, your touch."

Camilla elbowed his stomach, glanced at Stone. Maybe Nori's antics would get Stone jealous. Stone walked away from the table, picked up his guitar. She admired his molded butt, remembered how amazing it looked without skinny jeans. "Bud, lip rings stay in. They're part of my 'look'."

Janky continued drumming. "Not this gig. Tell her."

"Tell me what!"

Bud restarted "Unchained Melody". "This one is the couple's favorite song. We're learning it for their first dance."

"No, no, no. You didn't."

"Oh yes he did," Janky said. "Late bloomer, but he discovered Craig's List and got us—wait for it...." She drummed a fast roll. "...a wedding gig."

Camilla snatched Stone's flask, took a huge gulp. Nori laughed, Stone shrugged and Bud spoke. "Shut-up Janky. Listen. Camy. A gig's a gig. Plus I negotiated us dinner, drinks and an obscene amount of money."

"How obscene?"

Bud smiled, wide enough to crinkle his dimples into chasms.

"Two K. Worth learning the Righteous Brothers, don't you think?" Bud stood still as the song changed. "Oh! This one's important. 'Ebb Tide.' The bride's parents' wedding song. Apparently this wedding's also the 'rents twenty-fifth."

Stone picked up the album cover. "So what else do we have to learn?"

Bud changed the track. "This one. It was—is—the most played song on the radio. Ever."

Stone cocked his head at the opening lines, then stared at Camilla and chortled. "This song's for you!"

The other band members looked and laughed. "Oh man... I gotta hear that again!" Bud dropped the turntable's needle back to the beginning of the track.

Nori grabbed Camilla's arm, half-closed his eyelids and crooned, "You never close your eyes—" Stone, Janky and Bud joined in on "—anymore, when I kiss, your lips!"

"Ef you, all 'a you." Camilla sucked on her tongue, a trick to stop the tears. She expected them to mock her, but not Stone. "No Stone, this isn't my song. It's yours."

Janky did a double-take between the two. "Uh-oh. No. You two didn't. Shit!"

"What?" Nori asked.

Camilla ran out of the room to Janky's swearing. "They fucked each other, I don't believe it. Now we're fucked."

Camilla leaned against the closed bathroom door. She could hear the band members' murmurs. Janky's voice carried over the others.  "You asshole. You know you don't shit where you eat, right? If your hormones blow this for us, I'll kill ya both!"

The knocks against the back of her head made her jump. "Camy? Open up."

"Never mind. Forget it."

"It's me, Bud."

"I know. You're the only one who calls me Camy." She couldn't hear the others.

"You coming out?"

Camilla opened the door, wiped her eyes. "Where is... um—"

"They'll be back. We'll practice later." She followed him to the band room.

Camilla picked at a loose thread on her strategically ripped tee. "Um, yeah. About that."

"No, uh-uh. You're not quitting over a stupid mistake."

"But I can't look at him, knowing—"

Bud gave her a fresh beer, then sat on the couch. She never noticed the tawny flecks inside his steel-colored eyes. He patted the cushion for her to join him. "Listen, this happens within bands. They don't break up over it."

"Name one."

"Fleetwood Mac. No Doubt. Rolling Stones."


Bud chuckled. "Just checking." He took a sip, then settled against the cushions, stretched almost horizontal. "It's just a part of the scene. Sex and drugs and rock 'n roll."

"Got any drugs?"

Bud smiled. She noticed his dimples again. "Why don't we keep it at two out of three."

Bud balanced his beer on his chest. "Hey, guess who sang back-up vocals on 'Lovin' Feelin'?"

Not that song, Camilla thought. She shrugged.

"Cher. Think you can handle it?" Bud raised his eyebrows. She knew he didn't mean vocals.

She sighed. "Sure. I'll get all throaty and buy a hair extension."

"You're hair's beautiful just the way it is." Camilla faced Bud, considered him. He offered her his knuckles. "Band?"

Camilla hesitated. "Yeah. Okay." She tapped his knuckles, then let her fist rest against his. "Band."


Timothy P. Remp said...

Where do you get your ideas? Your dialog and colorful characters pop of the page. I loved Bob balancing his beer on his chest and I liked the digs about the various gauging and lip rings.

Very well done, my friend.


Jay Thurston said...

Great dialogue and drama within the band dynamic. The Rolling Stones mention made me laugh. Very colorful choice for the prompt, didn't detect the 3 words through the first read.

Diandra said...

It was like being in the same room with them.

Skycycler said...

Pitch perfect dialogue - shame about those songs and poor Camy's facial furniture! Great piece Peg.

Marisa Birns said...

As all the others have done, I compliment you on this masterful dialogue.

Love the band dynamic.

Laura Eno said...

A great, funny story...a wedding gig. Ugh!
Wonderful characters.

Dee Martin said...

this was so real - how many great bands have broken up over crap like that? Great job!

quin browne said...

your gift for dialogue never fails. plus, with the looks they had, i'd love to be at that wedding, as they sing "unchained melody'. ahahaha!!

Cathy Olliffe said...

Sounds like they're learning the kind of music I love! Lip hardware or not, it's sure to be an awesome wedding... maybe I can hire them for mine!
Love the story, Peg. Great job as per!

John Wiswell said...

I know you watch Seth Rogen movies with your boys and all, but I'm still highly amused you opened a story with knocking knuckles. Great wacky lines in here, like dolphins jumping through earlobes.


Bukowski's Basement said...

The piece just had a wonderful dynamic... Great vibe...

Jen Brubacher said...

I also like the dolphins jumping through the earlobes. There's a lot going on here and I feel for Camilla and whatever happens next.

I also very much like your header image. What a beautiful street.

Laurita said...

This rocked. Really. :) Awesome dialogue. I felt like I was evesdropping.

Amanda Scotney said...

Ah,band practice. Very funny.

David Masters said...

Way to go dude! Glad Camilla's feeling better.

ThomG said...

This really showed your grasp of dialogue, which fora lot of people is a bitch to write. This had a great flow to it. And another wonderful idea.

Eric J. Krause said...

Good story. The dialogue flowed really well, and the drama played out true. Well done!

Gracie said...

Love the dialogue and the character dynamics.

But my favorite is the dolphin through the earlobe. Oh, and having to play a wedding gig.

Very enjoyable. :)

Michael Solender said...

read this earlier and came back for another go. great mood, love Janky as a character name, kinda bluesie feel. very nice peggy.

Christian Bell said...

Excellent use of dialogue in this, and some well done characters!

G.P. Ching said...

You already know this from the other comments but the voice and dialogue are amazing. It reads almost like a screenplay. Your characters are spot on. Nice work.

Tomara Armstrong said...

I am so curious as to what the three words were... it's going to keep me up all night. I really enjoyed this piece; great characters.

It's always been about sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll... well in my head anyway ;-)

Carrie said...

Dolphin through the earlobe, the dialogue, sincerely marvelous. Your work is immaculate.

Heather Lloyd said...

I felt that this had a really authentic voice, you portray your characters so clearly that I can easily imagine them in a movie or tv series. Would love to find out how the wedding gig went....

ganymeder said...

The characters and dialogue felt very real. Well done!

Lou Freshwater said...

I'm late, but I enjoyed and agree with ganymeder and others. Band and theater dynamics, always dramatic. ;-)

Tumblewords: said...

Excellent! I felt like I was there - a fly on the wall.

J. M. Strother said...

I almost choked when I read the wedding gig part. Teach me to drink soda while reading. Great dialog, and interesting characters.