Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Under Construction

Yes, whatever that means, I am constructing this site. I hope to watch the tutorial by the end of this week and at least post one story that directly relates to Eldritch Way.

Eldritch Way, someday, will be a collection of short stories that all relate, in one way or another, to this fictional, shop(pe)-filled street. Some stories are complete; some still float over my head or inside my head or, well, who knows where stories float to when you don't give them your attention.

Also, once I figure it out, watch for links to some really great writers and blogs that I have encountered along the way. Oh look! A sale at Escapades--talk about jumping inside a story! Gotta go now.

And for my fellow NaNoWriMo-ers STOP READING RANDOM BLOGS AND WRITE YOUR 1667!

1 comment:

quin browne said...

ooohhh! a blog!!

i've linked you on my 'words' site.